Menstrual Cups

Dear Menstrual Cup, Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Menstrual cup, you’re so reliable and comfortable (image from

I’ve had 5 amazing and liberating period cycles so far, all thanks to my menstrual cup! And I cannot keep the joy inside me any longer. I wish I knew about menstrual cups the moment they were available here in the Philippines. Farewell, disposable pads and tampons. It wasn’t really nice knowing you.

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Meron Ako… (I Have “It-That-Must-Not-Be-Named”)

If you somehow landed here, I have to warn you that this might be TMI since it’s about my first menstruation (menarche).

Back in the 90’s here in the Philippines… I was 10 years old and experiencing an unusual cramping in my lower abdomen. I dismissed it as a stomachache, but when I went to the bathroom, my underwear had a brownish stain in the front. Confused, I panicked for awhile, and ignored it. And then it finally hit me.

Wipe panty bloody panties where?!

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