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My best friend has finally tried a menstrual cup!

YUP! It’s like we’re best friends all over again!

I have finally convinced one person to switch, and I’m so happy that she just had a much nicer period with her new Lunette menstrual cup.

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My 5 Period Essentials… What Are Yours?

Things got a lot simpler once I’ve stopped using disposable menstrual products. I’m way more comfortable, and secure from leakage. Bonus points that I’m generating less waste than I did before.

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Dear Menstrual Cup, Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Menstrual cup, you’re so reliable and comfortable (image from

I’ve had 5 amazing and liberating period cycles so far, all thanks to my menstrual cup! And I cannot keep the joy inside me any longer. I wish I knew about menstrual cups the moment they were available here in the Philippines. Farewell, disposable pads and tampons. It wasn’t really nice knowing you.

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