My aim for this blog is to generate more awareness about menstruation in the Philippines, dispel myths and taboos. Also mainly to provide insights on better options for menstrual protection. I want to write about matters that other females–of all ages and sexual identities–may feel too shy or uncomfortable talking about in real life.

My current obsessions are reusable menstrual products (RUMP’s): menstrual cups, washable pads/liners, and washable cloth wipes.

I don’t know how I convinced myself to try a menstrual cup, but I did, and I cannot be happier! Unfortunately, my friends are either:  (a.) too conservative to want to insert anything inside their vaginas (despite being sexually active), or (b.) happy with tampons, and afraid to try menstrual cups. Bottom line is that they’re not interested in trying it out for themselves, and I am not going to bother convincing them otherwise. It’s all a matter of personal choice. Then again, it means that I have no one to talk to about menstrual cups and other RUMP’s. And I really want to talk about them. A lot. So I decided to just blog about it (AKA talk to myself about it).



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