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My 5 Period Essentials… What Are Yours?

Things got a lot simpler once I’ve stopped using disposable menstrual products. I’m way more comfortable, and secure from leakage. Bonus points that I’m generating less waste than I did before.

1. Menstrual Cup

Pre-menstrual cup me had to buy these disposable sanitary products before my periods (I hoarded supplies most of the time): overnight pads, thinner day pads, tampons, and panty liners – to be used accordingly depending on my flow and/or type of activity.

One cup for your entire period cycle. (Image from Lunette)

Now I only need one thing for whatever flow or activity. My Lunette menstrual cup does the job like nobody’s business. Best of all, I don’t even need to bring menstrual supplies when I leave the house!

2. Virgin Coconut Oil (unrefined)

I previously used Durex Play water-based lubricant, but it was way too slippery. It wasn’t bad, it actually made my menstrual cup slide right in. However, it left a sticky and pasty residue on my cup (and probably inside my vagina as well).

Coconut oil truly is amazing. (Image from Lazada)

Upon using coconut oil, my cup glides in pain-free, but it wasn’t slippery. Best of all, my cup remains free of sticky residue upon removal. It is so affordable, too! GIGA’s VCO cost me P210 for 250mL. I really wish they had a flip-top cap. I had to transfer the contents to a better container to prevent spillage.

No more need for various disposable items for every menstrual cycle.

3. Feminine Wash

I haven’t really tried cleansers made specifically for menstrual cups. I just use my Lactacyd feminine wash to clean my cup. I dilute it a bit to wash myself. Remember not to wash your vulva too much, as that would do more harm than good.

4. Cloth Panty Liner

This is just for backup, as I haven’t had any major leakage so far. I really like the microsuede cloth panty liners from GreenPads. They’ve got menstrual cloth pads as well. Another local cloth pad seller is Chill’s Cloth Pads, they only have flannel pads. Mama.Baby.Love has more cloth pad varieties.

5.  Portable Bidet

Period or no period, I bring this everywhere with me. It might be a Filipino thing, since we’re used to bidets or tabo (dippers). Using a menstrual cup enables me to pee without blood in the toilet bowl. Still, I prefer to spray my vulva with water every time after I pee.

Portable bidet. I know it looks like a vaginal douche, but this is for external use only. (Image from Lazada)

I have never done this, but in case I ever need to empty my menstrual cup in a public place, I know I can clean myself and my cup with my portable bidet. I’ve stopped using wet wipes with chemicals, plus they’re just added waste.

Interested in a bidet? There’s a local Facebook seller, SaniCare Portable Bidet. Their bidets are also available at

What are your period essentials?


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