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Dear Menstrual Cup, Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Menstrual cup, you’re so reliable and comfortable (image from

I’ve had 5 amazing and liberating period cycles so far, all thanks to my menstrual cup! And I cannot keep the joy inside me any longer. I wish I knew about menstrual cups the moment they were available here in the Philippines. Farewell, disposable pads and tampons. It wasn’t really nice knowing you.

Goodbye Forever, Disposable Sanitary Pads 

I never liked you from the start. For several years, I thought you were the only option I had. You always made me feel like I’m wearing abrasive and damp adult diapers. Your adhesive strips gradually ruined my panties, and the cotton would sometimes get shredded on the butt area. Eww!

Panties for blood-sacrifice

You’re leaky (even with your so-called anti-leak guards), and that’s why I can’t trust you anymore. Whenever I went to bed, I lay on my back unmoving until I fall asleep – only to wake up on my side with a leak. You actually made me spend years of my menstruating life hand washing blood-stained underwear, clothes, and spots on my bedsheets!

You have seriously limited my activities in the past. And it was a hassle that I had to keep changing you, even when you weren’t at full capacity, because I didn’t want that scent of oxidized period blood to emanate from me. Back in grade school, a boy once told me I smelled like I was on my period. Worst of all, you made me a very wasteful person, and I wish I never met you. However, I do like your reusable and much more comfortable sibling – washable cloth panty liners are great!

Tampons – It’s Not Me, It’s You

Tried you for a short while, and you were a better alternative to disposable pads. But we still weren’t the perfect fit. It didn’t help that you were always so hard to find in Manila, Philippines.

Neither won me over

Not only did I feel you when I sat a certain way, fear of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) was always at the back of my mind. I had to change you frequently every 6 hours or I’d leak using your regular absorbency version. Just like pads, even when I haven’t used you to your full capacity, I still had to change you at a given interval. That’s when you were sometimes too dry and scratchy during removal.

You and your plastic applicators (I haven’t had any luck looking for O.B. tampons) made me even more wasteful. So this is the end of the road for us.

Menstrual Cup – You’re Everything I Need and More!

You make me feel so fresh and carefree! I no longer feel gross on my period, and you don’t limit me from doing any activity I want to do.

Lunette cup – you’re the one!  You give me nicer periods, peace of mind, and made me more earth-friendly. (image from

I don’t feel you inside me at all, no matter how I sit or walk. I only empty you twice a day, thank goodness my flow is light. You make me forget I am actually on my period (so long as I don’t have cramps). I sometimes have to set an alarm to empty you; because I seriously forgot once, and went past 12 hours. Still didn’t leak.

You always give me a blissful night’s sleep even on my periods. I can sleep however position I want, and wake up with no leaks! No more hand washing blood stains. And I finally got the white bedsheets that I’ve always wanted. Plus, I can wear my cute panties all the time, and no longer have to set aside panties I’m willing to blood-sacrifice.

You’re not irritating or scratchy like pads/tampons. And you made me more intimately aware of my body. I love that you don’t make me smell like I’m on my period. No oxidized blood wafting from my vagina, due to your reliable silicone self keeping the blood contained securely. I don’t feel that sudden gush of blood whenever I suddenly stand up, or every time I laughed, sneezed, or coughed – unlike with pads and tampons. You’ve made the impossible possible – I now feel clean during my periods.

Time to try a menstrual cup. You might love it so much that you’ll blog about it too.

You’re reusable for up to a decade, so I can skip going to that aisle of pads/tampons for several years to come. I’m also proud to say that I didn’t use and dispose of 125 pads or 100 tampons for the past 5 cycles. I don’t even have to empty my trash can that often anymore, because there are no stinky used pads or tampons in it, along with their plastic wrappers and adhesive paper linings.

From One Filipina to Another…

I love menstrual cups so much that I started a blog, and about periods of all things! I just wanted to share how awesome it is, and to tell you that the unknown isn’t always scary. I actually kind of feel cheated that I didn’t learn about cups sooner. I especially want teenaged girls to be more aware of their bodies, to know all their menstrual protection options, as well as their corresponding environmental impact.

My fellow Pinays –assuming any of you somehow read this– if want to try a menstrual cup yourself, there’s a local seller in the Philippines. Mama.Baby.Love on Facebook carries different brands of menstrual cups at reasonable prices (from P1,000-P1,750). You’ll soon realize how the learning curve that comes with every menstrual cup will be so worth it.

If you’re ready to find your perfect cup, go to putacupinit. They have this really great visual cup comparison chart with excellent images.

Lunette cups are made in Finland, and they hold a Facebook raffle giving away 4 cups at least every month. They are actually having an international giveaway at the moment! What have you got to lose? Head over to Lunette’s Facebook page.

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